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The latest development in the Grand Prairie town, which is due to open this weekend, can be summed up in one simple word: epic. The Epic is designed to make the city an up-and-coming recreational and entertainment destination and is a massive development that redesigns the look of a Rec Center in the US. The Epic will be within walking distance of PlayGrand Adventures, and together they will transform the landscape of Playgrand Adventures and Epic, including the water.

GPAC will work to raise the profile of art and integrate it into the life of the community as a whole, and will finance, produce and coordinate programs and works that embrace the principles of all disciplines and reflect the cultural diversity of our community.

Ten boxes sponsored by the city's Public Art Program celebrate the environment, and the other ten representing water conservation and water quality are sponsored by the Grand Prairie Public Works Department. The PlayGrand Adventures project committee is made up of members of the GPAC, the Texas Arts Commission, Grand Prairie arts organizations and local artists.

Dale Fortner loaned the sculpture to the GPAC and the Texas Arts Commission, as well as to the Grand Prairie and Don Dominguez Public Works departments. It is now in the collection of the city's Public Art Program, the Natural History Museum and a private collection in Texas.

He plans to give art classes at the Grand Prairie Public Art Center and the Texas Arts Commission this fall and winter. He will take up his new position on November 17 as a member of the GPAC Board of Directors and an associate professor at Texas A & M University in Austin.

In this class, students explore a variety of styles of theatre, focusing on understanding and appreciating theatre as a performative art. In addition, the competition for visual arts offers students the opportunity to refine their technical and performative skills, to set and achieve personal and group goals, and to improve their musical abilities. The secondary courses focus on refining skills and techniques while developing an understanding and appreciation for musical styles from around the world. In these courses, we focus on learning the basic skills and techniques required to appreciate and complete artistic works in various media.

The mission of the Fine Arts Programme is to provide students with competitive opportunities and a rigorous curriculum to prepare them for higher education. ILTexas' Fine Arts Department offers a wide range of courses for high school students in various disciplines. Students are encouraged to explore their artistic voice through projects that focus on art styles from around the world. High school students also have the option of taking AP courses to potentially earn college credits, as well as exploring related career and technology courses.

The artists selected will also have access to a decorated studio where they can perfect their craft and ultimately create their works. Guests will also have the opportunity to visit Epic's personal gallery, which showcases works by artists from the region. Partygoers can also enjoy a terrace overlooking the pool, a poolside dining area and an outdoor terrace with lake views.

The Main Event in Grand Prairie will also offer a fully equipped private meeting room where private events such as a private party or business meeting can take place. Also in EpicCentral's portfolio is PlayGrand Adventures, an adaptive and inclusive space that will come in 2019 and 2020. The hope of the department is that the residence will create an opportunity for local artists, but also for the community as a whole. To make Playgrand Adventures a reality, Epic Central and the Texas Recreation and Parks Foundation, which is leading the fundraising effort, are working closely with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas Department of Public Health and Human Services and Texas State University.

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The Main Event will give away $100,000 to the first guests to box a Perfect 300 game at the new Grand Prairie Center. Right , you bowl the perfect game and you win $50,500. The first 200 guests will receive a free laser day on Saturday, January 26, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the next 200 on Sunday, January 1. 27th Those who win the 300 Challenge on Monday, January 27, will win $200, and those who bowl a "perfect game" on Tuesday, February 1, at 6 p.m., will win an additional $500, according to a press release from the center's management.

The Main Event, one of the fastest growing restaurants and entertainment companies in the country, opened its first Grand Prairie Center in 2010. Since its inception in 1998, the Dallas-based Main Event has operated 43 centers serving more than 20 million guests annually. GPAC produces over 1,000 events, events and special events for local, state and international guests each year.

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