Grand Prairie Texas Accor Hotel

The trick works: CBRE has secured a collection of six properties, which consist of both student and conventional housing, and comprise 459 units. We are pleased to introduce the Grand Prairie Texas Accor Hotel, the first of its kind acquired in Vancouver, British Columbia, by CBre, a global real estate agency.

The portfolio is located on four plots in the heart of Grand Prairie, Texas, north of Dallas - Fort Worth. The portfolio includes 10 properties with 411 suites, with seven buildings located in a diverse retail center at the intersection of Main Street and Main Avenue in downtown Dallas. It comprises a mixture of residential, office, retail and office space, spread over four plots, and a mixed use development.

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Get the latest data on CBRE's portfolio of more than 1,000 properties, including real estate assets, real estate assets, assets under management, and more. DataViews are refined and exported to workbooks, so read real user ratings and find the tool that suits your needs. CBre Portfolio Optimizer provides multiple illustrative views of your portfolio in total location profiles. Thousands of leases for 6 investors can also find ETFs with the largest allocations to CBRE stocks available to browse through in our comprehensive portfolio management tool for the US stock market.

A Loyalty Lobby readership to be sent to Accor hotels in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. You will receive $136 with the only wild card reserved for players from the Asia-Pacific region. The wildcard means players will have direct access until January 8th, 2021, with a maximum prize of $5,000 and a bonus of $1,500.

With Hyatt membership status, you're ready to catch up with the DREAM HOME 2021 in Taylor Estates, one of the most exclusive and exclusive luxury residences in the world. CBRE Hotels has been commissioned to market high-end properties that are available in one line or individually. The offer includes the Grand Prairie Texas Accor Hotel in Grand Prairie, Texas, as well as other hotels in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. With experts from across the EMEA region, we help restructure existing portfolios, respond to global political and economic events, and take advantage of long-term market trends.

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Located 40 minutes northeast of Baltimore, many companies do not have access to high-quality real estate valuation reports from CBRE's Portfolio Services Team. By going beyond the traditional assessment report, we offer portfolio services tailored to the individual needs of each client. Our services include detailed portfolio reports to support your cost management initiatives and a comprehensive portfolio analysis of your company's assets, liabilities, assets-to-liabilities and other key metrics. Many of the world's largest private equity firms, including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, are based in the Baltimore area, and many lack a full valuation and portfolio management service from CBre Port's portfolio services team, which provides a wide range of valuation, risk and asset management services. These services include detailed portfolio reports supporting the cost management initiative, as well as a detailed investment management report for each company.

CBRE's Portfolio Location Advisory Team identifies the best locations for your businesses, employees and customers to drive your business goals. Achieving exceptional performance and strong margins, and finding the right location for the most efficient, cost-effective and efficient operation, is critical to bottom line success.

CB Richard Ellis Services (CBRE) is a real estate services company serving property owners, investors and occupiers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. Based in Texas, CB Richard's selects the best locations across the state to view available properties. The company's Portfolio Location Advisory Team, a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience, is the leading commercial real estate services firm for the Texas market and one of the largest and most experienced real estate management and leasing services providers in the country.

We serve as global resource suppliers that provide value-driven programs and integrated strategies to owners, including institutional and private clients, through our global resources. With over 750 portfolio services professionals managing over 135,000 square feet of commercial real estate assets in the United States, our real estate portfolio management experience is second to none. We are well versed in portfolio analysis and understand better than anyone else how to transparently capture customer portfolios, identify existing potential and reduce costs. I am in the business of organizing and creating forms and documents for my ministry and my hobby, and we make it so much easier for me to do so.

More About Grand Prairie

More About Grand Prairie