Grand Prairie Texas Embassy Suites Hotel

The Grand Prairie Texas Embassy Suites Hotel in Grand Prairie, Texas, is bursting with excitement as you begin your getaway. There are six R flags in the neighborhood, and guests looking for excitement will certainly find plenty of family fun. Make sure you find a room in one of the four star suites or revamp the entire hotel with a full service bar, restaurant and bar.

From Cowboy Stadium to the Verizon Theater, many big shows come to town, and you can get there quickly. Rangers Ballpark is also a top destination for sports enthusiasts and guests of the Grand Prairie Hotel, which is just minutes away from the game.

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Lockheed Martin and Bombardier are just two of the big companies that prefer Grand Prairie hotels when they bring employees into the country. In addition, our hotel is often chosen as a destination for the US Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies. We regularly host flight crews looking for extra luxurious beds and quiet accommodations, and the American Airlines Training and Conference Center is just minutes away.

Spend a lot of time walking, experiencing the ever-growing city centre or simply enjoying the sights of the Grand Prairie. Enjoy the picturesque views of the prairie, the beautiful mountains and of course the many restaurants and bars of the city.

The majority of visitors to the city are travelers arriving in Dallas and departing from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. Dallas / Fortworth International Airport is the largest airport in the United States and connects to all destinations throughout the state, the country and abroad.

The Grapevine Vintage Railroad offers a scenic ride from downtown Dallas to the historic downtown area. From the South Main Street train station, it follows the historic route of the original Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport rail line, providing access to a variety of attractions and attractions along the way.

The Grand Prairie Texas Embassy Suites Hotel in Grapevine , Texas is one of the most popular hotels in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

The Horseshoe Trail starts at Catfish Lane, winds its way back to the starting point for a total of 5.4 miles, continues along Dove Road and then loops around the back of the hotel. The mileage is 12.5 miles, divided into East Loops 1-4, each 12.5 miles long, with a further 5 miles on the west side of Dove Rd.

Northwestern Grapevine is located in the Carroll Independent School District, with a small portion served by Woodlands High School, the only public high school in the area, and Coppell Middle School. Woodland High School serves the entire Carroll County and the rest of Grand Prairie.

Yesterday, the Class of '92 participated in the Texas Thespian Junior Festival and the National Individual Event Competition. The group was selected to represent Texas at the annual Texas State Convention, where representatives from various colleges will be present to observe their work. Members have the opportunity to participate in the Texas Thestian Festival in November and compete in individual events. This meeting will include a presentation of the Texas A & M College of Arts and Sciences 2016-17 Annual Scholarship Program.

ASTATE Embassy Suites Jonesboro is the second largest hotel in Grand Prairie Texas and the third largest in Texas. The Gaylord Texan Great Wolf Lodge is located on a huge entertainment complex that offers hotels, conventions and function rooms. Within the hotel boundaries, the lake is also the largest lake in North America and one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world.

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More About Grand Prairie