Grand Prairie Texas Sheraton Hotel

The Fort Worth NE Mall is pet friendly and we allow pets in the parking lot, as well as in our hotel lobby and the hotel lobby itself.

Grand Prairie North welcomes up to two pets of any size for an additional fee of $20 per pet per night or $25 per day for a total of three pets per room.

Two pets of any size are welcome for an additional fee of $20 per pet per night or $25 per day for a total of three pets per room. North Arlington and Grand Prairie both accept pets, up to four pets under 25 lbs. Four pets over 25 lb. are welcome, with no additional charges of $125 per pet for each stay.

The Super 8 Grand Prairie Southwest welcomes two dogs of any size for an additional fee of $15 per pet per night. Two pets of any size are welcome at the Super 7 Hotel in North Arlington, Texas. The Super 6 Suites in San Antonio and San Angelo each welcome two pets of any size, at no extra cost for a total of three pets per room. Three pets under 25 lbs. And up to four pets over 25 pounds are welcome at all three hotels in South Austin.

Delux Inn and Motel welcomes pets of any size for an additional fee of $20 per pet per night. Grand Prairie, TX, offers up to two pet sizes at no extra charge for $10 per night and has a total of three pets under 25 lbs. Two pets of any size are welcome at the Grand Canyon Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at no additional cost.

Rangers Ballpark is also a popular destination for sports enthusiasts and guests at the Grand Prairie Hotel are minutes from a game. From Cowboy Stadium to the Verizon Theater, many big shows come to town and you can get there quickly.

The American Airlines Training and Conference Center is just minutes away And we regularly host flight crews who want extra luxurious beds and quiet accommodations. The hotel is also often chosen as a destination for the Texas Rangers and Texas A & M University football and basketball teams.

The Grand Prairie Texas Sheraton Hotel's unique location in the heart of Dallas - Fort Worth makes it a favorite destination for leisure and business travelers alike.

Lockheed Martin and Bombardier are just two of the big companies that prefer the Grand Prairie Hotel when they attract employees from across the country. When it opened in 1972, it replaced the Oklahoma State Fair Arena as the largest indoor arena in the United States and has maintained that status to this day. It houses a film production complex in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as well as a hotel and office complex.

At the Cox Convention Center, the facility received $4.5 million to upgrade the new Oklahoma State Fair Arena basketball arena, which opened in fall 2010. The City of Oklahoma City has commissioned Prairie Surf Media to take over the use of the Grand Prairie Hotel as the home of its film production complex.

The MAPS project also financed the construction of the Chesapeake Energy Arena, located south of the Cox Convention Center. In addition to the convention center, the project included the renovation of a destroyed section of Oklahoma State Fair Park and a new parking garage for the Oklahoma City Police Department.

The Athletics Indoor Championships were held at the arena from 1986 to 1988 and the facility is currently used by production companies from the prairie surf media, including the Oklahoma City Film Festival, the Oklahoma State Fair and other events. The project also began with the construction of the Myriad Botanical Garden, located just west of Myriad. Prior to the Ford Center opening, Myriad hosted a large number of local and national works as well as a variety of educational and cultural attractions.

The complex was formerly known as the Grand Prairie Texas Sheraton Hotel, the first hotel in the prairie of the United States. The complex houses a variety of hotels, restaurants, retail stores and a number of office buildings.

Right next to the Renaissance and Sheraton Downtown hotels and just across the street from the South is the Grand Prairie Hotel, the largest hotel in Texas and one of the oldest hotels in North America.

A pet area is within walking distance of the property, and treats and litter bags are available at reception. There is a green area on the grounds and a garbage bag for treats is available at the reception. Treats are also available in the hotel's pet food and waste area and in a pet-friendly area.

Pet policy Dogs are kept on a leash and may be kept in the village itself, but not on a leash. There is no need to include your pets in your guest field when making your reservation, although pet fees may be included. Well-behaved pets may be left unattended in a room and a "disturb" sign will be hung to prevent them from being packed in a box.

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More About Grand Prairie