Grand Prairie Texas Westin Hotel

The Grand Prairie Texas Westin Hotel in Austin, Texas recently completed the interior renovation of all 506 rooms, including the addition of a new lobby, brand new restaurant and new amenities. The Marriott is a place to relax, enjoy a more elevated experience or take a flight on one of the world's most popular private jets.

The Westin program enables guests to purchase New Balance light clothing and shoes and keep fit while being taken directly to their room. Guests can continue their active lifestyle while traveling with a renovated fitness center that features a full-service gym, fitness equipment and fitness classes. The hotel also offers rooftop pool rooms and spa services, with access to the largest outdoor pool and spa by the pool at Grand Prairie.

We are looking for dynamic people who are happy to join our team and are ready to jump in any situation to help. If you are someone who is positive, adaptable, intuitive and genuinely interested in the well-being of others, we invite you to discover how we at the Westin can work together to meet the challenge of a new era of hospitality and a better future for our guests. Everything we do is geared to making sure guests do their best, and we value them no matter how we help them during their stay. Whether you are new to hospitality or an experienced professional, come and join us because we know that we will always appreciate your natural talents.

By working for us, you will entertain and meet people from all over the world as we build on this experience.

Rangers Ballpark is also a popular destination for sports enthusiasts, and guests at the Grand Prairie Hotel are minutes from a game. Cowboy Stadium and the Verizon Theater are home to many big shows, so getting there is easy.

The American Airlines Training and Conference Center is just minutes away and we regularly host flight crews who want luxury beds and quiet accommodations. The hotel is also often selected as a top destination for flight attendants and flight attendants at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport.

The positive energy and the people - a pleasant attitude is the reason why our guests stay here again and again. No matter what day we set out to offer our guests a culinary experience that will stay with them for a long time after their stay. We enjoy great food, great service and a great sense of community at the Grand Prairie Texas Westin Hotel.

We know that travel can affect the well-being of our guests, so we take it one step further to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible and that we have everything they need for an unforgettable vacation. We strive to help our partners stay in control and move forward. As we are in the holiday business, we will do everything to make their recovery easier.

Click on the "Show Additional Prizes & Rewards" column to read all our great promotions and discounts. We know the fine details of the menu and can't wait to share our expertise with our guests. Six Flags (r) is located in the neighborhood, so guests looking for excitement will find plenty of family fun here. Our friendly staff will be happy to give you recommendations for cider - see, and we know what you like.

Lockheed Martin and Bombardier are just two of the big companies that prefer Grand Prairie hotels when they attract employees from across the country. We offer a welcoming atmosphere, good food and drink and excellent service, which makes us popular with both leisure and business travelers.

Gold and deep green cognac leather accents, representing the cowboy culture of the area, were layered on a contemporary warm grey background and implemented throughout the interior. A hanging installation is also on display in the lobby, representing elements from the Cross Timbers region. The circular illuminated rings point to the osage-orange fruit that is common in this area, and the shaped acrylic parts represent treetops that give guests the subtle feeling of walking through the forest. We see Cross Timbers as a strip of land stretching from southeast Kansas through central Oklahoma and central Texas, making it one of our favorite places.

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More About Grand Prairie