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One of the most unique tourist attractions I have ever visited is the Museum of Grand Prairie, which, believe it or not, is hosting an announced "Halloween attraction" on Halloween night in the St. Louis County Courthouse. I have visited this facility literally hundreds of times and I am still amazed at the sheer number of people there.

The museum itself winds through a series of rooms that show everything from Spiderman enemies like the Riddler to Spider-Man and his enemies there. The museum houses a collection of art dating back over 2000 years, dating back to John Kearney, one of the most famous artists in Texas history. Like his art, he created the Grand Prairie Museum of Old West, located just a few blocks from the museum in the west of the city. In this scene from the "Old West" you can find a number of artifacts, from a horse, a cow and even a weapon, as well as a cowboy hat.

Dale Fortner loaned the sculptures to Don Cox, owner of the Grand Prairie Museum of Old West, and John Kearney. Cox called Patsy and Sally to ask if they were interested in buying the museum, but they couldn't get the $200,000 to buy it. Bolton eventually borrowed $250,000 from Republic Bank of Dallas to finance the project, which was rejected by two lenders who had never heard of a wax museum. Apparently John had lent it to him for free over several years, so the bank lent it back to him.

Patsy knew Cox loved card games, and now she discovered that he spent most afternoons at the Dallas Country Club playing gin poker. She asked Leslie Wayne, a student at Texas Tech, who would inherit the Grand Prairie Museum of the Old West and its collection.

Crowds flocked to the amusement park's turnpike corridor to love the Grand Prairie institution, which had been founded years earlier by Patsy's father and run jointly by her and her sister Sally Horning. In 1972, the Texas Tech Museum of the Old West moved its collection to its current location at the corner of Interstate 35 and Interstate 10 in Dallas.

The value of the museum increased, and the owner of the chromosaurs, Dale Fortner, loaned some of the sculptures to the museum before selling them to Ripley. At this point Sally was diagnosed with cancer in the autumn of 1985.

She worked for her father as a secretary, married to an accountant named Lonnie Roberts, while she ran the museum's office. Patsy grew up with the privilege of an autocratic oilman studying Texas history, and she won a horse-cutting competition, an achievement that so enthralled her that she donned a Cinderella dress and attended the annual meeting of the Texas Historical Society in San Antonio. I prefer to know my ancestors in Texas so the truth can be known, but I am proud of my family.

The pictures Alien vs. Predator on the left and right show Ripley, the alien from the Alien movie and the Predator from Alien: Covenant. Today there are other things to see, including a crochet white tiger and a copy of the alien, as well as a copy of Alien and Predator.

I got this information from a woman in the museum, and sure enough, it was in front of Tussauds.

It wasn't long before I realised I was talking to a tall blonde called Lori Williams, who had worked as a receptionist at the museum in the early 1980s. Patsy told Bill Phillips, the director of her museum, that she was surprised to see figure sets in costume a few feet from her office in front of the Tussauds. Did you know that the ancient chest that was allegedly destroyed by the fire was never brought to Gal'veston, but was actually in Bob Cox Garland's office? In addition, Ripley's Believe it or not opened a collection of curiosities in June, and hired a wax figure maker to create a series of wax figures of famous Texas celebrities from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

As orders for the new fighter aircraft rose rapidly, North American opened a factory in Texas to help produce the P-51.

While scenes like this one from Tussaud bring history to life, the students from the local schools also come to the museum. Although Sally has been working in the museum for some time, there is no doubt that it was built for an old man's hobby rather than for her.

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More About Grand Prairie