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The Flippen Group has named the Grand Prairie Fine Arts Academy the winner of the National Showcase of Schools Award for the School Capture the Flag Award 2016-17. The National Association of School Administrators (NASA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFTE) have joined forces to honor the nation's most qualified and effective educators and each year identify outstanding schools, campus leaders, and teachers. With the National Showcase Schools Award, we want to honor and celebrate schools that travel the most distance every day and create an environment where students and staff feel safe and connected.

The Flippen Group is proud to recognize outstanding individuals who are committed to changing the lives of our children. The unsung educational heroes who we believe are producing exemplary results in our schools and paving the way for other schools to follow in their footsteps and not need recognition for a job well done.

He is a clinker in a workshop and specializes in the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ through the medium of music. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Music Education from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and his Master of Music from Texas A & M University in Austin.

He is currently completing his degree and postgraduate work to obtain certification in Education Administration from the City College of New York.

The Dallas Unity Choir conducted a "Gospel goes Classical Concert" with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Marvin Winans. He was also a guest conductor of the Symphony Hall of Dallas, where artists such as John Coltrane and Cece Roberts and the Houston Symphony were heard. He is a member of the Texas Music Alliance, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, and has received numerous awards for his contributions to the arts and music.

He is a member of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, the Texas Music Alliance and the Houston Symphony. He has also been guest conductor of the San Antonio Symphony, the Texas Symphony and Texas Public Radio. He has received numerous awards for his recordings and compositions as well as his contributions to art and music.

He has led St. John's Church in Grand Prairie and Southlake, Texas, and has also served as pastor of the Austin, Texas church and a member of its board of directors.

The musicians from the various ensembles have chosen the best that the area has to offer. If possible, I like to visit these places to get an idea of the variety and variety of music in this area and also of the quality of the musicians.

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The nomination deadline has now passed and the Flippen Group team has begun to visit the nominated universities to collect additional quantitative and qualitative data. After visiting the site, the selection team will review the data collected and select the campus as the most suitable for a VoyageDallas trip to Grand Prairie, Texas. Further surveys are conducted to gather feedback on the perceived climate of the area, its amenities and amenities, and the overall experience.

As a result of that award, Verizon donated $10,000 to the Domestic Violence Resource Center, an organization that fights domestic violence.

By creating an environment in which students relate to each other and are willing to learn, Flippen Group recognizes and celebrates schools that cover an additional mile every day. As a result of implementing Capturing Kids' Hearts, schools have reached the highest levels - leading to district evaluations and higher student achievement in state evaluations and higher graduation rates. The general feedback after implementation is that academic performance is constantly improving. This is a general response to the highly praised "Capturing the Hearts of Children" process for schools across the state of Texas and the nation. It is common for academics and performance to improve after the implementation of Captured Kids' Hearts.

Campuses across the country are experiencing amazing results because they capture children's hearts and create socio-emotional security that is conducive to learning. Nationwide campuses have notable results through Captured Kids' Hearts and the ability to create socio-emotional safety spaces that promote learning for all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or gender identity.

While researchers and officials work to determine the most effective curricula, teachers struggle to manage their classrooms and meet the expectations of parents and administrators. How can today's teachers transform the classroom from a disruptive, reactive environment into a place where students are actively involved in learning? Teachers and staff continue to learn the processes necessary to connect students with peers and adults on campus and create an environment that excites students every day.

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More About Grand Prairie